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Listen to your customers with a modern Bubble based platform integrated with the best customer facing tools.

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I noticed business owners were either ignoring or mismanaging their online reviews and reputation. Some would ask their customers verbally "If you have time can you please leave us a review" but wouldn't give them a reminder or follow through on the request.

I love Bubble because you're able to iterate quickly and see your results in real-time. It's extendable through plugins and makes it easy to integrate other tools. Ryan and team were able to help build out the crucial pieces and walk me through the best practices of each step.

It's the core product that the company is selling and it's made it easy to show customers and iterate quickly on their feedback.

A significant number of companies have recognized the importance of preserving and growing their pool of happy customers. The ability for companies to gather and analyze feedback from customers online has made it possible for them to assess and improve the quality of the products and services they provide to remain competitive.

The Motivation

The application of a proper customer feedback system for your app offers many advantages over traditional customer support approaches. Some of the advantages achievable are:

Knowledge base access

Knowledge bases are used by successful businesses to assist clients as much as possible. Customers are given access to information that would otherwise be gatekept inside the contact center's internal groups, thanks to the contact center's knowledge management platform.

No-contact systems

In the post-pandemic period, it is crucial to safeguard the safety of your clients. Brands may help consumers avoid having to speak to an actual person on any helped channel by providing the resources they need to do it on their own. No-contact strategies may include no phone calls. By using knowledge base technologies to build self-service portals, calls may be diverted away from the contact center.

Swift resolutions

Anyone's patience would wear thin after being on hold for an extended period of time. Using a ground-breaking customer-feedback mechanism, Bubble builds a knowledge base that enables customers to find answers to their problems in a fraction of the time it would take over the phone. Self-service portals that span all of a company's channels allow customers to find and implement solutions quickly.

24x7 service availability

Multitasking is difficult for humans since we all require sleep. But AI and bot-powered self-service portals never tire. Customers may get answers whenever it's most convenient for them, thanks to a 24/7 knowledge base that's accessible to them.

Support for the Brand

It's crucial for every company's customer service to leave an impression by being available whenever their clients need it. Self-service portals give customers the impression that they can always count on you when they need help. Brand loyalty and customer retention may be increased via customer-facing portals that provide helpful information and support.


Brand perception may be dramatically altered by the use of knowledge base technologies to develop a customer-facing knowledge base. Digital transformation of customer service is enabled by knowledge base tools on competent and adaptable knowledge base platforms, such as the customer feedback service provided by Bubble. Now is as good a moment as any to upgrade your company's internal knowledge base and launch a public one aimed at your customers. 

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