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As our name implies, M3 works in Agriculture Technologies. AgTech is a complex space, requiring not only an understanding of the growing system, but also the systems of systems that impact decision making in food production. This application helps us engage with multiple strata of agricultural stakeholders, ranging from entry level field personnel to industry leading decision makers. The application developed by allowed M3 to focus on the underlying machine learning algorithms, freeing up our internal engineering time for model optimization as opposed to app development. 

Initially, I was skeptical about the no code nature of, however, I was impressed with the speed at which iterations were presented. Furthermore, plugs and plays well with other APIs, meaning that we spent less time on developing the application and more time on polishing our MVP. We’ve gone through several iterations of this basic application and the iteration was not only the cheapest to develop, but also the most user friendly and visually appealing.

Developing applications requires not only competent engineering, but also strong project management and communication to ensure that objectives and milestones are met on time and on budget. While there is a plethora of strong engineers, strong project managers and strong communicators for hire, there is a dearth of teams that deploy these skillsets in house. The team at merges these skillsets into a seamless workflow that keeps customers informed and objectives on time.

Nathan Moses-Gonzales
Chief Executive Officer
M3 Agriculture Technologies

The Motivation.

Artificial Intelligence has been the dream of many technology companies and fiction writers over the past few decades. With AI's main hope being improving human capabilities while patching humanity's inherent flaws, vision has been a subject of many studies in this field. With AI vision improving over the years, there has been an urge to build a bridge between standard technology and AI. At, we pushed beyond mere motivation to bridge the gap associated with this need. This was achieved by allowing our consumers to connect their existing technologies to Ai vision algorithms through our revolutionary technology, 

Tangible Results Realized.

Computer Vision reduced labor costs

AI vision algorithms analyze images quicker and cheaper than humans. AI system can assess 1,000 photos per dollar in negligible amounts of time.

Aids human accuracy

Diagnostic procedures, including lab image processing, need a qualified doctor or tech. In these circumstances, computer vision technology helps analyze data. AI analysis helps doctors and lab workers discover mistakes for more accurate diagnoses.

Higher Visual Repeatability

The longer humans concentrate on dull visual activities, the more bored and tired they get. Errors, mistakes, work unhappiness, poor performance, and turnover ensue. Visual AI delivers more analytical accuracy than humans since it's not prone to burnout, loss of attention, or weariness.

Instant visual task scaling

AI systems that operate concurrently can do more. This minimizes recruiting and training delays and costs while scaling operational procedures.

Improve workplace safety

Office space density concerns during the pandemic were a significant challenge for every company. During such times, technologies such as AI vision for image processing companies offer a practical alternative.

Successful Application: M3 Agriculture Technologies

Understanding the developing system and the networks of systems that affect food production decisions is essential in the complicated world of AgTech. Thanks to's app, M3, concentrated on the underlying machine learning algorithms, repurposing its in-house engineering resources to focus on model improvement rather than app development.'s no-code design, coupled with the rapidity with which new versions were unveiled, won over the M3 team.'s compatibility with different APIs allowed enabled M3's engineering team to spend less time coding and more time refining their minimum viable product. offered M3 the most accessible, cost-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing product iterations.

To guarantee that goals and milestones are fulfilled on time and under budget, application development involves not just skilled engineering but also effective project management and communication. Using the integrations offered by, any organization is guaranteed to employ the most cost-effective and time-efficient approach to reaching its goals.

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